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5 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds in the world

Cat:The Most Beautiful Cat Breeds in the world

Many people love raising pet cats, as they are one of the most beloved animals by many people. Almost everyone wants to own a cat. Cats  are fun and they add joy to the home. They are usually treated like family members.

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 This is because of their close proximity to people and their love to play with children. They are one of the safest and kindest animals with children, unlike many other animals.

 The best cats are distinguished from other types of cats by their intelligence, beauty, and their fun and funny behavior. Their calmness and love for household members also play a part in deciding how good a cat can be. 

Everyone wants to have the best and most beautiful cat, so what are five of the best cat breeds in the world ?

Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds there is. It is distinguished by its long, soft and thick fur, and is considered among one the most beautiful cat breeds. The reason behind its name is because this type of cat was first found in (Persia).

best cat breeds, Persian cat

Persian cats are distinguished from other cats because their fur has many colors.  It may be black, white, brown , blue, or purple. Their beautiful, wide, round eyes are the most important characteristic about them. Like the fur, the color of their eyes also changes. 

Persian cats are known for their medium-sized heads and small noses. They are one of most affectionate and calm cat breeds.

They enjoy warmth and sitting with  people. They are not known for constant moving or jumping like some other cat breeds. Those who love quiet cats find that the Persian cat is the best breed. 

British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat, Breed cat

The British shorthair cat is  considered one of the best cats in the world because of its beauty. It is widely beloved by people, and it is an inspiration to many writers and literature authors. The the cat's short fur is considered one of the reasons for its beauty. the British cat  appears most in movies and stories, and is considered the best cat for fans of beauty.

The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is one of the best cat breeds. it is characterized by a graceful muscular body, beautiful eyes and a triangular head, and it's short fur. it expresses adventure and challenge. The color of the Siamese cat's fur is usually blue-white, cream, chocolate or beige. As Siamese cats grow older, they develop dark brown spots that make them look even more beautiful. However, all Siamese cats are born with a pure cream color.

Beautiful cat breeds in world

Siamese cats are known for their love for people and children, and they do not enjoy solitude. 
They love to sit in the arms of family members. 

The Bigger Cat (Toyger) 

Best Cat breeds in world,

It is considered one of the best cats because it largely resembles a tiger. The toyger  is distinguished by its beautiful long tail. It is also  known for its intelligence, as it is one of the smartest types of cats in the world. It loves to play with children but it is more active, and enjoys jumping and running around. 

The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is among the best cat breeds in the world thanks to its thick natural coat of fur that can have multiple colors. It can be brown , gray, white, black or cream.

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It has large, round colored eyes,  and they are considered one of the best types of giant cats, their weight can go up to 7 kgs. The Maine Coon cat is very kid-friendly and it gets along with other animals. 

So, if you are a lover of beautiful cats, then there is sure to be a cat that you admire among these five beautiful and cute cats.