Top 5 Websites To Read And Download Free Books

Top 5 Websites To Read And Download Free Books

The best websites for reading PDF books for free

In this article we bring you the best websites for reading PDF books for free. Some people prefer paper books, others prefer E-books. We cannot decide but we do know that e-books offer some advantages, the most important of which are: 

  • Plenty of them can be found online for free so it saves you money.
  • They are easy to carry around as you can just upload them to your electronic devices, some also include photos, videos, animations and sound effects.

No one can deny the importance of reading , and most people consider it a hobby that they very much enjoy, therefore they are always on the look-out for ways they can read many books. 

As paper book prices rise across the country, a very large number of people tend to read e-books by downloading the book in PDF format to their devices and read them wherever they can. However, there are also various websites that provide downloadable and readable books for free. Many find these websites suspicious as some of them are not safe. But today we will be offering you in this article the best websites for reading PDF books for free. Most of the websites featured in this article are in Arabic and they focus on offering books in Arabic. 

Top 5 Websites To Read And Download Free Books

1. Bookrix

Bootrix, It is one of the best websites for reading pdf for free that have won the admiration of many, as it has many features including the availability of all categories that can be searched for by the reader and the availability of the search mechanism within the site by the name of the book, the site also is available in more than one language and the most importantly is that the site provides for the publishers the availability of making free accounts in which they can publish their own books 

2. Bookboon

Bookboon, The site is characterized as one of the best websites for reading pdf for free, it is featured by a good design for easy handling and searching mechanism within the site using the name of the book. The site covers most of the categories of books such as technology, languages, marketing and others. The site also provides a special section for books for companies and a special section for downloads of school textbooks. The most important feature is that the site provides the availability of communication between the readers and the publishers. It is a highly recommended website 

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3. Free-Ebooks

Free-Ebooks, It is counted as the best websites for reading pdf for free among the excellent sites in downloading foreign books, the site is characterized by providing several formats for downloading such as PDF, ePUB, Kindle, TXT. PDF in addition to the presence of a section for audio books. the site has many classifications that include most aspects of writing, it also allows publishing service for authors through making an account on the site.One of the most important features of this site is the presence of a section bundles to download collections of books grouped together. the site has a blogger which allows us to publish in it in addition to the section of researches which is considered as a free section which allows the readers to download and professional studies in a specific field 

4. Free computer books

Free Computer Books, This site is one of the sites specialized in downloading books related to the field of computer as it contains classifications such as computer languages, Computer Science, Information Technology, operating systems, etc. the site provides various formats for downloading. 

5. Internet archive

" " The Internet Archive site is one of the best online websites for reading pdf for free that contain millions of files whether they are books, video, pictures or music, a completely free and non-profit site. this site is a fortune for those who want to download and read foreign books in various fields and different countries of the world 

6. Readprint

" ReadPrint " It is one of the sites that allow reading Foreign free books on the internet. the site contains many features such as the ease and simplicity of the design of the site and the presence of an internal search mechanism by the name of the book and can through the creation of a free account on the site take advantage of some privileges such as downloading free pdf books 

7. Manybooks

" ManyBooks " It is featured by the simplicity in design and downloading free books. the website provides many of the classifications of books such as literature, history and short stories. this web site also provides the opportunity for the readers to read the book directly online, in addition to having a special section for authors and articles 

We hope that the websites we mentioned in this article will help you find what you are looking for and have fulfilled your need in finding books to read, we also hope this serves as an encouragement for you to read more.