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The Best 5 Websites For Free Online Education

Best 5 Educational Websites

Do you know that you can learn programming, design, learn a language, or improve your knowledge of economics and statistics without paying for anything? Yes, these are services that the internet provides! There is a huge number of free courses and lessons available online, in this article we will introduce you to the best 5 online educational websites.

You are guaranteed to find whatever you want online, especially concerning educational services, so there is no shortage of educational resources there, and the best part is that most of these learning materials are completely free. Here are five of the best online websites: 

1.  Coursera

" Coursera " This is one of the best 5 online educational websites that offer online courses. It is known for collaborating with the world's top universities, institutes and organizations, with an estimated 300 global providers to deliver a wide variety of classes. There are over 4,100 courses that cover more than 430 fields. The website has reached more than 54 million visitors worldwide.

You will find a very large number of free online courses and Arabic courses, but you can participate in the financial Support Program and attend courses completely free of charge. Regarding the courses that do not support Arabic, they can be translated. For more details about the courses which are offered in the website, visit the following link

At the end of most courses you will receive a professional certification from Coursera. It is a trusted electronic certificate that you can share with your profile and resume, and you can also print it. 

2. EDX

" EDX " This is one of the best 5 online educational websites. This website is a result of the collaboration between top universities and institutes all around the world, particularly Harvard University and MIT. All of the online courses are completely free to attend whenever and wherever you are. 

In order to get the certificate, you have to pay $50 to $300, but you can subscribe to the financial support program and get the certificate for only $5, and for more details, you can visit the official site. 

Online courses cover a lot of areas where you can find what suits you. You can enroll in the course and attend lessons. In addition to discussing subjects with colleagues, you can also ask your teachers questions. 

In most of the courses you will have to take an exam either at the end of the course or at the end of the course to determine your progress and then receive your certificate. 

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3. Khan academy

" Khan Academy " This website aims to provide free education globally for everyone, making it one of the best 5 online educational websites. It offers videos and activities for learners, and in general you can choose the style and speed of learning that suits you. 

The Academy covers many areas, notably mathematics, starting from kindergarten. The website teaches the latest and most known interactive techniques, as well as science, technology, programming, history, economics, art, and more. 

Online educational resources are translated into more than 36 languages, as well as website’s versions that support many languages such as French, Portuguese, and Spanish. This allows millions of children from all over the world to learn and join the Academy. 

This is combined with free tools for parents and teachers to keep up closely and clearly about their son’s performance. 

One of the participants’ posts on the site are Barbara's review: “I just found your website and I am 72 years old and now I can learn where I stopped, thank you and your hard work.” 

4. Udemy

Udemy is considered an educational site which combines free and paid courses, in general the site covers many fields and courses provided by experts. 

Udemy is one of the best 5 online educational websites, with 295 million course registrations of 150,000 courses and 33 million learning videos from 57,000 experienced instructors and 5,000 in-house customers, supporting 65 languages, including many courses, the most important of which are: Development - Business - Information and Software technologies - Design - Marketing - Self Development - Photography - Music. 

The site prioritizes on high quality and offers modern scientific content, also allowing everyone to move forward and join to their team in order to contribute to the development of online course. As a team, they continually assess themselves and develop their way and development. Udemy is the perfect place to grow. 

5. MIT

" MIT " One of the best 5 online educational websites. This is a treasure in the educational online world. The website offers seminars, homework, tests, and exams, and courses cover a wide range of fields, most important of which are science, engineering, and computer. 

The site is accessed by a very large number of people around the world, 2% of whom are from the Middle East, and generally the site audience is 42%, 43% self-educated, and 9% are teachers. 

Each gets a lot of benefits; teachers improve their own knowledge - by learning new ways of teaching - find references for students - develop curricula. 

Regrading Students, they get lots of benefits as well such as : Enhancing personal knowledge – completing existing lessons – planning courses, and self-paced learners: Exploring areas outside their specialization – reviewing their concepts and information in their area – preparing for future courses – continuous knowledge of developments in the field.

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