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Best Fully Funded International Scholarships

Best Fully Funded International Scholarships

Many people aspire to have the opportunity to study abroad. Studying abroad has many advantages, as it helps you acquire knowledge and experiences different from those you find back home. Being exposed to different cultured and getting the best possible education you can get is also a huge plus! Due to financial reasons, ot everyone can study abroad. However, there are many scholarships that universities and scientific institutions offer in hopes of attracting creative minds. 

best fully funded scholarships for international students

In this brief guide we will be providing the best fully funded international scholarships that students of the Arab world can take advantage of, these scholarships include different educational levels, there are grants for training courses and remote studying 

Remote learning scholarships 

1. Commonwealth Grants

One of the best fully funded international scholarships, These scholarships offer master’s degree courses to candidates. This platform partners with universities in developed countries or offered directly by British institutions. 

2. Edinburgh International Scholarships

Edinburgh International Scholarships " This one provides 4 scholarships to enroll in the master's programs offered by the University of Edinburgh remotely. These scholarships are available to students who wish to study these programs. The full fee is covered in 3 years. 

3. people's University Grants

People's University Grants " The university offers everyone with access to the internet the opportunity to continue their education with a diploma or Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Computer Science. All the programs in the university are free of charge, but there are some registration fees to pay. The exam’s prices are covered by the university 

4. Finnish scholarships at the University of Phoenix

Finnish scholarships at the University of Phoenix " The university offers 16 scholarships with full funding for working students. The applicants must submit articles to be asked when applying for the scholarship. 

fully funded scholarships for international students in canada

5. Grants in Clinical Pain Management

Grants in Clinical Pain Management " Offered by Edinburgh International University to applicants wishing to study Clinical Pain Management remotely, it is offered in exchange for a single payment of £600 to cover the studying fees. 

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6. World Bank grants in health economics 

World Bank grants in health economics " The World Bank provides these grants to economists who are involved in decision-making in the health sector, and applicants must have contributed significantly to decision-making in the health sectors of their countries. 

7. University of Leicester grants 

University of Leicester grants " Offered by the University of Leicester to international students from Asia, Africa and America, who wish to obtain a master's degree from the University, this scholarship comes in the form of a discount from tuition fees. 

Fellowships and training programs 

1. Hubert Humphrey fellowships-United States

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program is one of the best fully funded international scholarships that provides a year of knowledge richness for Experienced Professionals, offering 9 months of academic study as well as practical field-related experience in the U.S. the scholarship covers tuition, accommodation and insurance costs, travel costs and English language training. 

2. Australia – Australia fellowships

Australia fellowships " Includes short-term study, research and practical programs in Australia provided by Australian organizations, which receive applications from citizens of developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Palestinian territories, and provide a maximum of  35,000 $ per beneficiary. 

3. Governance training grants-Netherlands

Governance training grants-Netherlands " The main objective of this training is to strengthen local governments in developing countries and Eastern Europe countries through training of young civil employers in this state. The scholarship covers all living costs during the stay in the Netherlands, travel costs and training course fees. 

fully funded scholarships

4. VLIR-UOS grants-Belgium

VLIR-UOS grants-Belgium " These scholarships are offered to students from developing countries to join English-taught training programs at Belgian universities , this grant covers accommodation, travel, insurance, tuition fees and any program-related costs. 

Bachelor scholarships for international students 

1. Emerging global leaders grant-United States 

emerging global " One of the best fully funded international scholarships which is Provided by American University and is targeted for international students with high achievements and who want to complete a bachelor's degree at the University, who aspire in making positive change towards the society. The scholarship covers all university bills (tuition fees, accommodation room, etc.). 

2. leader of Tomorrow International Award-Canada

Tomorrow International Award-Canada " The University of British Columbia offers bachelor's scholarships to talented students from around the world. the scholarship is renewable annually, and open registration for students who start their studies in September or January. 

4. Oxford Scholarships-United Kingdom 

Oxford Scholarships-United Kingdom " A number of Oxford colleges offer these scholarships to students from developing countries for political or financial reasons, due to lack of similar educational possibilities, or who cannot study in their own countries. The grants cover University and college fees, living costs and round-trip air ticket fees each year. 

5. Westminster grants for developing countries-United Kingdom

The University of Westminster offers scholarships to students from developing countries who wish to obtain a bachelor's degree. Climate change full tuition fees, accommodation and living costs and air tickets to and from London. 

6. Dennis Holland scholarships-United Kingdom

Dennis Holland scholarships " The scholarship is considered one of the best fully funded international scholarships, it is intended to support undergraduates who are unable to secure the necessary funding to study at the University and who show an intention to benefit from all the activities offered by the university, valued at £ 9,000 per year, part of the amount can be used to cover tuition fees.