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How long has Fortnite been out?

Fortnite is such a popular name in the world of video games that it's already become hard to imagine a time when it didn't exist. However, it's not like Fortnite is ancient history. Players wondering when Fortnite was made won't have to look too far back to discover the origins of Epic Games' hit battle royale to find its original release dates and platforms.

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It's definitely still popular, however the current meta is not.

Fortnite's current top strategy or “meta” is to use a shotgun and an SMG in tandem. Shoot with your shotgun, and then spray with an SMG.

The main reason why competitive players do not like this is that Fortnite switched from flickshotting (double pump) to tracking (spraying with the SMG) which ruins peoples muscle memory and reaction up close. Furthermore, the bloom of th SMG is huge. Bloom spraying is not skilled based at all, therefore the current meta heavily relies on RNG.

The devs love this, because it allows new/bad players to kill people without skill. There's no question why this game is insanely popular with kids.

Here’s a simple answer,

It most likely wont be out for a very long time for the following reason:

Epic games is the type of company that would release updates every week or so, releasing new content and generally fixing alot of bugs as soon as they get spotted. For PC that shouldn’t be a problem as countless PC games get updated periodically. But for console that’s an issue.

You see, if we’re dealing with consoles, we’re dealing with the company that owns the platform, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc… And having multiple updates could be a hassle as the updates have to go through a series of check ups and testing by the platform owners before they get released.

However, for games that are still in Alpha and Beta, game makers can avoid that check up completely and get the update out as soon as they are done making it. Hence why Epic Games hasn’t made the game fully released as of now.

So it’s mainly to keep console players up to date with what their PC Counterparts are doing, nothing much really.

Fortnite Battle Royale isn't dead yet for a number of reasons.

It is a free to play game with no payable upgrades that increase your weapon’s damage, critical, range or accuracy. Noobs can join and be as good as someone who has played for a long time. Lol.

The game can be highly cooperative; it is usually impossible to take out a team of 4 by yourself so you need to communicate. You can also play solo and players who team on solo are quickly banned. Lol.

It has a unique reward system. Unlike CoD where you pay to open supply drops to possibly get a ‘better’ gun, you are guaranteed items… if you pay and play long enough. Also by completing enough challenges in the battle pass you can earn enough V-bucks to purchase the next season pass free - always a bonus.

The cosmetic items are usually quite well done with the exception of John Wick and his massive hands. The emotes have a strong trolling aspect and who does like trolling?

A usually unnoticed quality is also present. You find a game REALLY quickly. This is refreshing when compared to Rainbow Six Siege for example.

They have a large fan base and communicate with that base, often showing new update information.

They drop a ton of updates and new content which, might not be that great but, changes the loot up a bit.

My personal favourite belief on why the game isnt dead yet? It requires no skill to jump out of a bus, drop onto a house, open a chest and use a green pump shotgun to one-hit someone in the head. The shotguns make any close quarters combat quick (and normally enraging for me) and even the greatest castles can easily be built up to, destroyed from the bottom, grenaded, launchpadded into or simply made redundant due to the storm. Moreover, I believe Epic Games released that every shot only has a percentage chance of registering.