The safest countries in the world

The safest countries in the world according to new researches

       Are you recently planning to move into another country?

       No doubt that the pandemic has shown us the vulnerability of the most powerful countries in the world or so we thought in terms of handling the covid pandemic and security.

The safest countries in the world
The safest countries in the world

       So here are the top 5 destinations you can consider according to new studies:

1/ New Zealand:

     New Zealand is recently best known for its great handling of the pandemic, taking quick actions and shutting down the country after less than three weeks of recording the first case (February 28th). According to the global peace index New Zealand is the second-safest country in the world after Iceland. New Zealand has a very low crime, and no deadly animals unlike Austria which also considered one of the safest countries. As for the environment New Zealand has 13 national parks and about one third of its land area is protected in parks and reserves. New Zealand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability although producing just 0.2 % of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

2/ Denmark:

              Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to emerge from lockdown and reopen its schools, and according to a new survey, 95% of people in Denmark believed their government did a good job in handling the crisis (it’s the highest rating for any country in the analysis). Apart from this Denmark is considered a relatively safe and secure European country with very professional and capable national law enforcement. Denmark saw record decreases in some areas of reported crimes. Besides Denmark earns the top ranking in global sustainability index, obviously it is currently the most environment-friendly that prevents climate change


            Canada is in the top 10% of the 195 countries that were compared on the healthcare access and Quality Index. As for the covid pandemic, Canada has developed a free covid alert app that informs you if someone you contacted tested positive. Moreover Canada has a public health ethics framework, health care preparedness and a good economic and financial support. Again Canada considered one of the safest countries in the world because of the low crime rates, also police are easy to contact and quick to respond. Besides Canada is a clean country, from improving air quality to conserving ecologically significant areas, Canada is doing great job in terms of preventing climate change.

4 /Germany

          Germany’s health care system is one of the world best systems, undoubtedly why a new study estimates that 70% of German thinks their government has done a good job handling the pandemic, furthermore Germany is ranked 16 out of 196 countries according to 2020 global peace index when it comes to safety and peace in the country. However, Germany is known as a world leader in clean energy, developing more ways to protect environment and prevent climate change.


          Finland has quietly succeeded in keeping infections levels low, with a lesser hit to the economy, health services are available to all, and everyone in Finland is covered by obligatory sickness insurance. Based on world economic forum Finland is the least dangerous place in the world, crime rates are almost nonexistent. Along with that Finland has the cleanest air in the world due to the government investment in renewable energy, besides its promoting of the adoption of electric vehicles and its protection of forests and lacks.

The information in this article isn’t in order. However, you can check the following lists and do some researching;

The most sustainable places to move:







New Zealand




The safest places to move:


New Zealand






Czeck republic



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