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The world's 10 most delicious Dishes you should eat in your lifetime

Best food dishes in the world

We all know that people travel to discover new places and new cultures; this inevitably includes finding and trying new exotic dishes everywhere you go. Some dishes have reputations that precedes them and they are know across the globe.

The dishes we will be showing in this article are not fancy or formal, you won’t order them in luxurious restaurants. We will show you authentic, traditional street food that is easily available in these countries.

If you are planning to travel and visit any of the countries we mention here, do not hesitate to try any of the foods that are featured here:

1. Italy Dishes

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In the food market organized by a group of anarchists just outside Rome you can taste slices of ChianinaDella Valdichiana “the world's largest cow, served alongside with mythical delicious meat”, which is baked in hot florets for a few seconds and then wrapped in molten northern cheese fondue.

2. Seoul, south Korea Dishes

Best Korean Dishes, How to cook Korean Food

Seoul: the passers-by at the market of Gwangjang can taste one of the best food dished in the world at the Kwangjang food market in Seoul.

The cakes are prepared in front of the visitors. A large amount of gentle dough like cakes are formed, cut, and made into mats that are cut and put into hot oil.

Then the cakes are sprayed with white sugar and served in a cone, because they are hot to the touch. The smell of butter is in the air. We recommend you have two or three of them to find out what makes them so delicious.

3. Los Angeles, USA Dishes

List of American foods, USA DISHES

You need to drive to Silverlake, which is 10 minutes away from Hollywood to find the Taco Zone Bar, which offers the best tacos in Los Angeles.

At midnight, many people arrive in cars or on foot to stop there for a quick taco bite. You can choose to have your meal in delicious corn pancake and no one can refrain from eating more than one.

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4. Berlin Dishes

Berlin's Most Famous Food, Food to Try in Berlin

If you go to the Mauer Market it is easy to find restaurants where the burgers are served with fried chicken.

There are also popular varieties of food like delicate brioche, stuffed chicken legs and baked goods, delicious kimchi, pickled and hot pink mayonnaise.

5. Sidney, Australia Dishes

Iconic Australian Food, Classic Australian recipes

If you like Pau's crispy pastry, the best place to taste the best pau’s crispy pastry in the world will be in Sydney Town Park in Sydney.

In this place, Pau pies are very thin, they are crispy and are usually served with paraffin sauce and waffles.

6. Franch Dishes

Classic French Meals, List of French dishes,Most Popular French Dishes

Whenever someone talks about the best food in the world, French croissants are usually a widely loved food item. However, in this article, we will mention the French onion soup. It is made of onion and meatballs, and is usually served with toasted bread.

The dish is originally related to the romans, and it was considered a dish for the poor. The great taste in this soup comes from the chopped and slowly cooked onions, usually in meat broth or water. Milk, eggs or flour are added to make the soup thick.

7. Brazilian Dishes

Brazilian Recipes, Brazilian Dishes

Brazil is famous for its Acaraje dish. This dish is considered one of the tastiest food dishes. This dish is made of jade-stuffed pudding, cashew and palm oil.

8. Turkey Shawarma

Easy Chicken Shawarma Recipe, Best turkey dishes

Of course, passing Turkish cuisine, there is nothing more famous than Turkish shawarma or doner, as it is called in Turkey. It is one of the most popular and loved dishes. Shawarma is a popular Turkish food, originally from the Ottoman Empire, made up of meat or spicy chicken pieces placed on a skewer, then served in meals or bread. Shawarma is available in most Turkish or middle-eastern restaurants.

9. The united states of America Fast-Food

The most iconic fast food items in America, McDonald's USA, Fast Food Usa

American cuisine is famous for its fast food, which is popular with kids and adults alike. This includes hot dogs and burgers, as well as the all-American Donut. American cuisine is different in style. The multi-nationalities found in the USA offer a lovable mixture of cultures that results in tasty dishes.

10. Arab countries Dishes

Saudi Dishe, Popular Arabic Dishes, Moroccan Dishes

If we take this tour among international cuisine, we cannot forget The Arabic cuisine, which has a unique taste, as every Arab country has its own plate of culture and tradition.

But we chose the Kabsa dish from Saudi Arabia. It is considered a main dish that is usually served on special occasions and Ramadan. The dish consists of meat, rice, chickpeas, spices and cinnamon, and is often topped with raisins and almonds.